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SolarMagic IC improve photovoltaic system stability design - (AddTime : 2013-01-31)

National semiconductor (NS) growing solar system solutions application fields, a few days ago, the company launched a series of 10 brand-new SolarMagic IC chip, its advantage is that it can reduce the pv system generating cost, improve its stability and simplify the related circuit design.

National semiconductor Asia Pacific core market business development director ZhangYaoJiang said that this series of new chip has the industry's first full bridge gate drive and micro power voltage regulator, applicable light volt system in different kinds of electronic equipment, including mini power inverter, power optimizer, charge controller and panels safety system. During these ten product, the MPPT (maximum power conversion tracking) controller have two models, respectively SM72441 and SM72442, can let the photovoltaic system of the distributed power optimizer add maximum power conversion tracking function. The two chip has many different functions, including the voltage and the current diagnosis, four built-in switch boost/buck converter control function, overvoltage and overcurrent protection and the I2C interface connection function, etc.

The gate driver has 2 version of the whole bridge SM72295 gate drive and SM72482 dual channel 5 a compound gate drive can support power optimizer, miniature inverter and charge 200W led Flood light controller inside power processing circuit. In addition, the new driver can drive four adopts full bridge configuration long MOSFET, and at the same time, each product built-in high-end flow detection amplifier, the amplifier has the higher irrigation/pull current.

Regulator of two product is the U.S. national semiconductor especially for drive power optimizer, miniature inverter and charge controller of all kinds of bias power supply system provides SM72485 constant conduction time switch voltage regulator, its characteristic is operating voltage up to 100 v, and power conversion efficiency high. The other one is also can provide can reduce the system power consumption of SM72238 5 v low pressure drop voltage regulator.

Sensing and detection circuit four product is especially for photovoltaic system distributed power optimizer and battery charger the most common auxiliary circuit provide many different products, make such application can add protection, sensing, supervision and control function. For example, SM72240 chip is one equipped with monitoring function reset circuit; SM72375 chip is one double channel micro power rail-to-rail input CMOS comparator; SM72480 chip is one industry the most accurate and can be preset temperature switch and sensor; SM72501 chip is one can work in a wide range of power supply voltage of the high precision CMOS rail-to-rail input/output amplifier, with very low offset voltage and input bias current.

As we have learned, not long ago, the national semiconductor has put in 12 new SIMPLE SWITCHER easy power supply module, the module is the first on the market can be output as high as 10 a output current, and accord with CISPR 22 (class B) standard about radiation and conduction electromagnetic interference on the relevant regulation of the power supply products, suitable for industrial products and communication network infrastructure and application.