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The LED fluorescent lamp four major key technology of reading - (AddTime : 2013-02-01)

Fluorescent tubes in daily life have a wide range of applications, supermarkets, schools, office city, metro, etc., can see in the public place, can see a large number of fluorescent lamp use! How to make use of life and brightness LED to make use of satisfaction standards, is a quite significance topic! LED fluorescent lamp to keep long life and high brightness, to solve the problem is: power supply, 200W led Flood light source, heat dissipation, safety four key technology.

1. Power
Power supply first requirement is high efficiency, high efficiency products, low fever, stability will be high. Usually in the power section useful isolation and the isolation of two kinds of schemes, the volume of isolation slants big, low efficiency, in use, installation will create many problems, as the isolation products market prospects, here we mainly discuss the isolation of the drive scheme.

2. 200W led Flood light source
Adopt Taiwan glassy Ming, the patent structure of 200W led Flood light source, the chip placed in pin, heat silver feet directly chip node generated tropical out, with the traditional straight cutting products, and the traditional SMT products in cooling have qualitative different, chip node temperature won't produce cumulative, thereby ensuring the light lamp bead good applicability, guarantee the light lamp bead long life, low light failure.

Traditional SMT products, although can through the chip gold thread connection is negative, and at the same time also is to let the heat energy produced is chip over gold wire connection to silver feet, heat and electric conduction are money by conduction, heat accumulation time long will directly affect the life of the LED fluorescent tubes.

3. Heat
The infrared radiation is introduced and applied in daylight, is to improve the service life of tubes an important means. In consideration of the heat, we will be 200W led Flood light source light bead of the cooling and power supply cooling separately, not interfere with each other, so as to ensure the rationality of the heat.

There are three ways of heat conduction, convection and conduction and radiation. In a closed environment, convection and conduction implementation may be small, but through the radiation heat will send out, is the focus of the fluorescent tubes to consider.

4. Safety

Safety, here basically said PC flame retardant plastic tube, because the infrared heat dissipation can penetrate PC tube, then we design considerations 200W led floodlights, can use more consider its safety, product with the physical insulation way, even if in the use of the isolation of power supply can absolutely guarantee the safety of use.

The development of LED fluorescent lamp for quite a long time, from the point of the effect of energy saving, and its future application is quite broad, in addition to energy saving, its security, long life use is we should be more attention!

Safety! In the LED fluorescent lamp of the design is the first factor, the use of PC flame retardant materials, fluorescent lamp in solving the safety problem, how to improve the life of the project, it put forward the solution to many hope LED fluorescent tube manufacturers provide more way of thinking!