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Used in LED street light of energy-efficient LED driver design - (AddTime : 2013-02-02)

With LED in the performance and cost almost all aspects of continuous improvement, the LED lighting is used in more and more wide application field, which is LED street light industry attention a focal point. This paper will introduce A for the LED street light on applications and V, 3.3 A high power factor and LED driver design. This design is based on anson beauty of semiconductor NCL30001 LED driver and NCS1002 constant pressure constant current controller, the 90 to 265 V ac voltage power supply, provide maximum 90 W power output, high power factor and harmonic content, to comply with relevant standards, and can match with pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming.

Single-stage topology structure LED driver + secondary end CVCC controller combination

NCL30001 is a single-stage topology structure LED drive scheme, its agile characteristic is very suitable for new LED lighting products. This section by a single period of integrated power factor correction (PFC) and isolation step-down communication - direct current (AC, DC) power conversion off-line LED drive save the special PFC booster section, can reduce the number of components, reduce the cost, improve the scheme with LED power system total energy efficiency for LED street light, low ceiling lamp, wall lamp and building lighting applications.

NCL30001 using continuous conduction mode (CCM) work, this scheme integrated the PFC and isolation DC - DC conversion circuit, and provide constant current to direct drive LED. It is equivalent to the AC, DC conversion and LED drive two parts circuit together, which both are located in lighting lamps and lanterns, save in the article LED light in integrated linear or DC - DC converter. The integrated scheme of power conversion period of less, reduce the number of components used (such as optical element, LED, electronic components and printed circuit board, etc.), reduce the system cost, and support higher LED power overall efficiency. Of course, this scheme is higher power density, and may not be suitable for all area lighting applications, the optical design may be more suitable for low power LED, typical applications include LED street lamp, wall lamp, wash wall lamp and refrigerator housing lighting, etc.

Other specifications NCL30001 controller features include high start-up circuit, voltage feedforward to improve loop response, input under-voltage detection, internal overload timer, latch input, and reduce the input line harmonic precision multiplier. Anson beauty semiconductor also provide this device isolation single period of power factor correction LED drive evaluation board, used for direct constant current output and W to 100 W power range of applications. Current can be in 0.7 A to 1.5 between A regulation, with A wider range of high power high brightness LED.

NCS1002 is one secondary end constant pressure constant current (CVCC) controller, suitable for LED street light etc area lighting applications, with more NCL30001 controller can be designed with high efficacy, dimming function LED driver demo board.

Based on the NCL30001 and NCS1002 90 W demo board

As soon as possible in order to help engineers implementing lighting design, anson beauty semiconductor also provide 90 W constant pressure constant current demo board, it can accept 90 to 265 Vac expansion universal input voltage (replacement element conditions can support 305 Vac), provide A 0.7 to 1.5 A constant current output range and 30 V to 55 V constant output voltage range (through the resistor voltage divider to choose), maximum output power 90 W, support fifty to 1000 Hz dimming control, and contains can be connected to the can XuanDiao light card 6 pin interface, used to simulate the current regulation/double brightness level digital dimmer and dimmer intelligence application. In addition, this kind of demo board also provide short circuit protection, open circuit protection, over temperature protection, over current protection and overvoltage protection rich protection feature. The test shows that this demo board in fifty W output power, 1000 mA output voltage/volt positive pressure drop conditions, energy efficiency more than 87% in 50% to 100% load conditions power factor above 0.9, also accord with IEC61000-3-2 C equipment harmonic content standard.