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Efficient LED street lamp lighting distribution scheme - (AddTime :2013-02-21)

200W led Flood light technology can be divided into discrete and integrated type two kinds, long technology for the use of more than 1 w single source manufacturing street lamp, integrated type technology for the integrated chip as the light source manufacturing street lamp. At present the long technology enterprise is more, this is so because, most manufacturers think long light source heat and light distribution problem easier to solve, and 200W led Flood light to achieve the purpose of energy saving money. But that was not the case. A perfect heat dissipation, light distribution technology 200W led Flood light can really play the role of energy saving money. But no matter long and integrated type street lamp are all faced with complicated heat and light distribution problems, solve bad: hot scattered off with light loss too much, will cause the lighting effect is poor, energy-saving effect is not obvious, even death light consequences, to the user cause 200W led Flood light energy saving not JieQian, technology does not pass impression.

Specific perspective, semiconductor light source has been since the advent of the shell is type structure. This package form current small, low quantity of light. Now high power lighting level chip current has reached hundreds of ma even higher, due to the photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, most of the energy can only in the form of heat to send out, and high temperature is the great enemy of the chip. Continue to use old methods, don't go to innovation is not completely solve the LED street light efficiency, light failure problem.

Long street light source in the light also have the following inadequate: light source and peanut type distribution of light loss 15%, plus the glass and loss of 15% or so, make the total amount of light lamps and lanterns is about 30% loss. The final purpose of lamps and lanterns as pavement serve, and the key to see street lamp application efficacy, with light quality evaluation in read the whole lighting effect at the same time, more important is the whole lamp pavement efficacy. Only through the distribution of light to improve the whole lamp pavement efficacy, to determine how much energy saving. Pavement efficacy is 200W led Flood light assessment is an important indicator, although relevant unit is not to publish relevant standards, but no matter any street lamp is to exposure to the road surface. In the total power under the premise, the total light, the higher the better, onto the road surface effective light the more the better. Long light source in the lamp light distribution, nominal light to light how many lumen, this is not a scientific statement. Especially the single light lamps made after 15% light became glare and light pollution, make the whole light the road surface to reduce the effective light.

So how to improve the whole lamp pavement efficacy? Green age street lamp design idea is this. First of all, from the light source package structure to solve the problem. The same luminous amount of chip, the single package way more than the way light COB packaging of light. But do street lamp should consider above all is the whole lamp pavement efficacy. COB packaging in the distribution of light after, has the following advantages: 1, color temperature consistency; 2, easy to match the light; 3, easy to do with high light; 4, glare low light pollution is less; 5, easy to do waterproof processing.

Secondly, from the Angle of light distribution to solve the problem. Street lamp light distribution design is not reasonable cause light loss is too big, energy saving effect to sell at a discount greatly, in the future in the street lamp, COB is the future development direction, because in the same conditions than single source do street light utilization efficiency at the appearance of increased by 30% or so. According to the present condition and 120 w street light has far more than 250 w high pressure sodium lamp road, effective illumination than high pressure sodium lamp energy saving more than 70%.