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From the display application see LED packaging enterprise technology added value - (AddTime :2013-02-25)

200W led Flood light industry high-speed growth prompted the branch "200W led Flood light display application field" of booming development, as a engaged in 200W led Flood light packaging industry many years of worker, years of work practice, make me for this industry development have more thinking. The following is the author 200W led Flood light the downstream application areas, 200W led Flood light packaging enterprise now and future technology value-added reflect a Jane shallow analysis, the hope can give industry colleagues the future work to bring some inspiration and help.

At present, the 200W led Flood light packaging enterprise technology value-added present situation, the first is now only a few foreign enterprise can achieve "breakthrough type technology added value", to the domestic 200W led Flood light packaging enterprise, the author personal opinion, can reach the height of the domestic enterprise were few; Second, to achieve "basic technology added value" of domestic enterprises is also only a few, such as cypress lion, national star, lehman can achieve, other all needs to trains hard the internal strength, in order to avoid because of the lack of technical value added the industry was eliminated, or because of the shortage of the capacity of technology to industry produce damage.

Display application on 200W led Flood light packaging requirements

1. Optical requirements: high brightness and brightness uniformity, light type smooth degree, light type uniformity, etc.;
2. Design convenience: lamp body appearance can't reflect light, light body appearance best completely black, volume smaller may be more beautiful, RGB trichromatic tie-in harmony;
3. Operation convenience: high welding ability, resistance to deformation ability, sturdy construction level, antistatic ability, etc.;
(4) reliability requirements: high weather resistance, low failure degeneration;
200W led Flood light packaging enterprise technology value-added analysis

Who can fully meet the requirements, the who technology added value reflect the more obvious, such as, day and can than domestic packaging enterprise better meet the requirements, the technology bring added value product price much higher than domestic packaging enterprise. And domestic enterprises to enhance the technical added value, the first task is to establish the strict technology research and development and product manufacturing system, which is to promote packaging enterprise technology value-added basis. Fortunately, the current domestic or some enterprise recognized that, to strengthen the enterprise manufacturing and technology research and development system, such as the construction of the service enterprise, cypress lion photoelectric, in this respect has been walking in front of the industry.

200W led Flood light packaging enterprise technology value-added reflect

Technology added value can be divided into two parts, basic technology added value and breakthrough type technology added value.
1, a basic technology of added value

Applicable condition: has modern packaging equipment, has a mature packaging technology, stable quality raw materials supply, modern instrument enterprise.
Package basic technology added value is:
A. have efficient product development and production capacity, achieve market basic requirements; B. the current technology, materials, equipment has fully understand, can reasonable collocation. Such as to establish the "information technology", the needs of the market parameters such as light Angle and brightness, with what material, what kind of technology can achieve or how to get to the economy, the market demand before they should have; C. The perfect quality control system, including the "effective" manufacturing quality control system, the system ChengQian "raw material quality control system", and they are absolutely support the role of "reliability security system"。