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How to choose and buy SMT type LED panel light? - (AddTime :2013-02-27)

How to choose and buy SMT type 200W led Flood light ?

In your choose and buy SMT type 200W led Flood light , don't just focus on price, from the following aspects to the comprehensive assessment, can buy good performance LED lighting products.

1, SMT type 200W led Flood light adopts chip, chip are domestic and imported Taiwan chip, chip (including the United States chip, Japan chip, Germany chip, etc.).

Chip is different, price difference is very big. Import chip are expensive, and in the domestic market, that very few people use is mainly aimed at high-end customers. At present in the high-end customers generally chooses is Taiwan chip, price is the best.

2, SMT type 200W led Flood light package: points resin encapsulation and silica gel package. Resin encapsulation price to cheaper, because the heat is a bit poor performance, and the other is the same. Silica gel encapsulation of the cooling performance is good, so the price than resin encapsulated a little expensive.
3, SMT type 200W led Flood light color consistency: at present home has a lot of FengZhuangChang, greatly small can add up to a thousands of home, of course, there is also a strength and weak points. There are many small FengZhuangChang with no spectral color separation machine, so either don't spectral color separation, or is outgoing. So it is difficult to guarantee the quality.
4, SMT type LED panel lamp brightness: different brightness LED the price is different, common brightness and highlight LED the price difference between comparison. Therefore, purchase must know their need is what kind of brightness, such ability accurate positioning their products.
If you have time to go to the factory can best understand the nature of the factory, the strength! Generally choose if clear this a few words, to grasp the price will be much more accurate. Not just to beat down and beat down, can do have a definite object in view. In order to choose and buy your ideal SMT type 200W led Flood light .