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LED luminous module fault and the solving methods - (AddTime : 2013-03-13)

A phenomenon: all LED blink:

Problem: poor contact

Solution: loose place to fixed or plug.

Second, the phenomenon: LED dim:
Problem: 1, LED polarity meet back;
2, the LED is too long;
3, switching power supply and 200W led Flood light voltage label is not the same as
Solution: 1, to ensure the positive and negative connection right;
2, reduce LED connection;
3, ensure switch power supply and LED voltage label consistency.
Three, the phenomenon: some line LED lamp not bright,
Problem: 1, plug direction is correct;
2, power output connection is correct;
3, power cord plug back, answer back.
1, tear open out to pick up the right direction;
2, ensure that the red line after positive, black line after negative;
3, found some plug back line, reconnect.
Four, phenomenon: all LED is not bright: Problem:
1, switching power supply no voltage output;
2, switch power supply output connection is correct;
Solution: 1, try electric access switch power input end;
2, power supply connection is, negative is correct.