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Lamp act the role ofing selected five big trends - (AddTime : 2013-03-19)

If you want to build a warm home atmosphere, lighting is essential, the light is projected on the ground, walls, the furniture, the magic of effect is difficult to describe with words. Consumers continue to improve the aesthetic taste and the evolution of domestic outfit design concept, is to let lighting and furniture and life gradually. Simple structure, fine workmanship.

Today, the family is decorated in the lighting design trend is more and more tend to simple structure, fine workmanship, color and lively.

Beautiful and practical not lose personality
Overall domestic outfit company in wujiang, bo luoni stylist huang believes that the ideal home decoration with lights and beautiful, practical, personalization, which emphasizes the self, the pursuit of individual character will become the primary choice of many customers.

Currently on the market, he says, lighting reached tens of thousands of kinds of style, increasingly rich style and outfit stylist provided more choices for consumers. Conversely, consumers and the outfit stylist personalized orientation and development of 200W led Flood light act the role ofing update, higher request is put forward, the new 200W led Flood light constantly.

The pursuit of human environmental protection design

With the maturity of a new generation of consumer groups, high-cultural literacy to the rising number of consumers, the cultural content of the lighting design had been greatly improved.

Beauty praise Paris decoration designer Wang Shaomin wujiang company said the lighting setup must be harmony with furniture, can reflect the 200W led Flood light ACTS the role of culture is very popular. People in the pursuit of household life of comfort, humanized design is the solution to meet this demand, deadweight and fancy decoration will be eliminated. Both in lighting and furniture, the concept of "people-oriented" as the guiding ideology of design.

Wang Shaomin argues that, in contemporary society, along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the environmental protection design and environmental protection material furniture is becoming more and more in the future family adornment, have environmental protection function is acted the role of will get more and more applied, furniture, doors and Windows, electric appliance, hutch appliance, all can be set according to different use requirements different 200W led Flood light act the role ofing to form a complete set, the formation of the corresponding intelligent configuration, meet the demand of modern people's life.

Light effect more into the mainstream

On a light bulb light up a room is already a thing of the past. Now, people pay more attention to details when decorating a room, a small light at the top of the bathroom mirror, wall hang a picture at the top of the 200W led Flood light , can reflect the fashion and chic taste.

Xu Chaofeng invertors taste guangdong China wujiang decoration company design director, said the domestic indoor lighting design has been gradually by the past focus on one light source only to pursue more light effects, this change indicates that designers have realized a good lighting design for the impact of people's lives.

In the era of single light source, the sitting room and bedroom often consists of a 200W led Flood light at the head of the global, today, more than light source design have been take care to every user and every kind of living situation the need for lighting. Main light provided by the environment lighting can let indoor have a uniform illumination, shoot the light, fluorescent lights, 200W led floodlights, etc., can provide accent lighting and local lighting, let a space more rich lighting levels. Reasonably using light source for lighting, whether part or understatement, can form a warm and romantic atmosphere effects.

Natural color is the most popular

Wujiang sun decoration designers Xu Dongmei said, director of the company, furniture and decoration are tend to be more fashionable, decorative lighting as a match each other with furniture, adornment important element, also be changed accordingly. Overhead droplight, tea table, desk, bedside table 200W led Flood light , have been quietly "suddenly turn hostile", and more colorful color, material is also increasingly clear, creative modelling aspects also show the roam. In a lot of furnisher field, elegant is acted the role of peremptory became protagonist to attract the attention of the people more than furniture.

Xu Dongmei said, the 200W led Flood light that rolls out this year, most of the feeling that emphasizes building colour profusion, those close to the nature color of 200W led Flood light act the role ofing especially popular, use the transparent material such as glass or crystal 200W led Flood light is with clear fresh simple sense, is the welcome of consumers.