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LED chips falling profits at home - (AddTime : 2013-03-26)

Excess capacity in the 200W led Flood light chip is thin profits. Recently, manufacturers have released 2012 annual report, annual report, the 200W led Flood light chip, high gross profit era is over.

According to three Ann photoelectric industry leading enterprises - 1.39% funding research to] annual report, released in 2012 operating income of 3.363 billion yuan, up 92.48%; However attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 810 million yuan, down 13.47% year on year. It is worth noting that the revenue rise considerably, but profits fell. Beijing commercial daily reporter found in its annual report, the industry gross margin in 2011 year-on-year decrease of 14.36%, to 25.31%. In addition to the three photoelectric and other chip companies such as bdo, [3.78% funding research to], ShiLan micro / - 2.09% funding research report, the star light electric / - 0.42% funding research to 2012 profits fell.

, with applications in the field of lighting 200W led Flood light technology, the industry into the fast development, in 2009 and is regarded as sunrise industry, the industry predicts 2015, 200W led Flood light lighting will account for 30% of the general lighting market, 200W led Flood light lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, to earn foreign exchange through exports of $30 billion. 200W led Flood light lighting far tempting cake, market prospect is good, cause various flocking into the capital.

However, as each capital, in the 200W led Flood light industry began to appear obviously supply glut. Yesterday, a company representative noted that declined to be named, the high inventory, chip companies generally have can use half a year's inventory. SEMI QiFaXin 200W led Flood light senior analyst and China project manager pointed out that in 2012 200W led Flood light market demand does not decline, but capacity expanding far exceeds the demand. Moreover, domestic manufacturer in the field of high-end lighting is not given too much market share, can only in the mid-range price war, resulting in structural overcapacity.

Liang Zhenpeng appliances analyst, stagnation of the sales of the 200W led Flood light TV is the cause of chip less demand. 200W led Flood light chip is main component of the 200W led Flood light TV, but TV market in 2012 was very bad, can't pull the upper reaches of the scale of production and sales.

It is worth noting that although the production is slow, but there are still companies in expanding, Shanghai silicon semiconductor co., LTD. Chongqing 200W led Flood light chip layout project completed and put into production in late January; Taiwan chip wafer photoelectric bibcock enterprise expansion; Electric joint venture with lite-on crystal crystal product also increases 8 in changzhou factory of 200W led Flood light chip production equipment to increase output.

Industry is generally believed that the 200W led Flood light chip supply exceeds demand, profit cannot quickly improve, continuously expanding production only can lead to lower profits. 200W led Flood light chips falling profits at home