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The future of LED lighting industry development prospects are analyzed - (AddTime : 2013-04-08)

In recent years, the 200W led Flood light backlight under the pull of market to show growth in industry. According to high 200W led Flood light industry research institute of statistics, in 2012 China's 200W led Flood light industry output value of 205.9 billion yuan, up 32% from a year earlier, among them, 200W led Flood light epitaxial chips upstream, the midstream encapsulation, downstream application value of 7.2 billion yuan, 39.7 billion yuan and 159 billion yuan respectively, year-on-year growth of 20%, 24% and 20% respectively. Under this big background, how the yangzhou economic and technological development zone of the 200W led Flood light industry development.

As the world's most populous and fastest growing economy countries, China 200W led Flood light lighting application market has huge potential. Data show that 2012 incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps in the domestic market demand of 1.176 billion and 1.269 billion, respectively the straight tube fluorescent lamp market demand for 830 million only, the annular fluorescent lamp market demand for 800 million, halogen tungsten lamp market demand for 755 million. These traditional lighting light source and lamps and lanterns that were the target of the 200W led Flood light lighting lamps and lanterns replacement market, as the ratio of ascension, will gradually enter the market of 200W led Flood light lighting lamps and lanterns, bring the huge market space for development.

, lighting lamps and lanterns of consumption in China is mainly provided by the domestic enterprises, import products in the domestic share less than 5% of domestic production and nearly 70% for export. Good lighting industry foundation not only for the domestic market of 200W led Flood light lighting lamps and lanterns application provides a reliable product supply, also for the domestic 200W led Flood light lighting industry through scale effect to promote 200W led Flood light lighting lamps and lanterns price provides very good support.

In May 2012, the state council in the 12th five-year plan "national basic service system proposed energy-saving appliances subsidy.

On February 17, 2013, the national development and reform commission issued "semiconductor lighting industry energy saving plan, plan clearly put forward, 200W led Flood light lighting energy-saving industrial output grew by an average of about 30%, to 2015, the industry reached 450 billion yuan; 200W led Flood light chips more than 80% localization rate; Core components of the luminous efficiency and application of the quality of the products reached the international advanced level in the same period. The indications are that the 200W led Flood light lighting market prospect, is full of opportunities.

According to people who have related development zone economic development of yangzhou economic and technological development zone of the semiconductor lighting industry has formed "substrate - epitaxial wafer - chip encapsulation -" the complete industrial chain. At the same time, the backlight new models this year and lighting application, under the drive of development zone 200W led floodlights will presents the fast growth trend.

Represented by ladies Yang photoelectric epitaxial wafer, chip production enterprise upstream of the order is enough. According to understanding, no. 1 ladies Yang photoelectric MOCVD equipment has reached the age of 37, production workshop epitaxial wafer capacity up to 100000, up 50% from a year earlier, the order has been to June. Enterprise is planning to set up r&d center, and prepare to enable 2 workshop to expand production scale, throughout the year is expected to achieve output of 500 million yuan, up 48% from a year earlier.

In the field of middle encapsulation, development zone yu electronic orders throughout the year is enough. Company controller tells a reporter, yu electronics this year alone has added 7 sets of packaging equipment, SMT production line 6 full production, throughout the year is expected to achieve output of 1 billion yuan, up 75% from a year earlier.

"Application development zone 200W led Flood light downstream enterprises are mainly concentrated in the field of lighting." Relevant personage introduces development zone economic development council, at present, the area has gathered the core light illumination, fu tai lighting, lee uh guano electrical lighting, jin bei, CPC tiangong, new generation photoelectric, LeiDiKe photoelectric etc. A group of companies. But when the lighting market has not really started, combined with the national and industrial standard has not been set, enterprise competition is intense, product quality as a whole is not high, market development is more difficult.

As domestic more and more attention, for the promotion of 200W led Flood light 200W led Flood light corporate giants have also enter the Chinese market abroad, especially at the beginning of the semiconductor lighting industry energy conservation planning, further accelerated the pace of foreign business investment. "Development zone can this as an opportunity to intensify their efforts to introduce to 200W led Flood light lighting enterprise terminal the release of production capacity, so as to drive the upstream enterprises do big 200W led Flood light industry scale in the area." Relevant sources.

"We should make full use of national semiconductor lighting industry base advantage, actively cal200W led Flood light for industry leading enterprises participate in the development of national and industry standards." Relevant personage introduction, such as LeiDiKe photoelectric global optical lens 45% market share, ladies in Yang photoelectric 200W led Flood light epitaxy and chip area is located in the domestic first phalanx, dry as photoelectric tied four red yellow 200W led Flood light epitaxy and chip accounted for more than 45% of the domestic market, etc. Enterprises through participation in standards, preempt the industry say, can be in the future development and market development in the fast into the fast lane.

"Strengthening the enterprise independent research and development ability, can in the competition occupy the initiative." Development zone economic development board relevant personage thinks, to increase investment in research and development, and actively guide enterprises set up r&d center, improving product technology content, the enhancement enterprise competitiveness. It is understood that the CST is actively declare national semiconductor lighting engineering and technology research and development center, ladies Yang photoelectric plans to be completed by the end of the year research and development center