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Hardware brand lamps and lanterns is illusory purchase specialists to action - (AddTime : 2013-04-18)

Household market in guangzhou recently, the reporter interviews found that a lot of style is the same size as the lamps and lanterns of has a bigger difference on the price. Such as there's a crystal chandelier, same style size some businessmen were priced at 1300 yuan, but some merchants price "" the most preferential price $2000, almost double the price difference. Such a big price difference for consumers to buy lamps and lanterns of said "confusing" price.

Crystal lamps and lanterns, for example, has been belong to the high-end product market of lamps and lanterns, crystal lamps and lanterns of the lamps and lanterns of normal generally thousands of pieces, it is hard to sell it out, but tend to fare is thousands of crystal lamps and lanterns. Consumers in the process of buy lamps and lanterns, easily attracted by some low-cost crystal lamps and lanterns, feel to get the favorable after purchase, but in fact is often in a set.

A lamp is acted the role of goods shop owner told reporters, "low-cost crystal lamps and lanterns are glass products, crystal lamps and lanterns of high often there are counterfeit products." Authentic crystal lamp is made of K9 crystal material, crystal lamp, is because the material price is high, if the price is low, often is the material have a problem. In profits attract many businessmen are still played a crooked brains. Use glass grinding into "crystal lamp", and then labe200W led Flood light than quality goods prices lower, many consumers because of price fall.

This phenomenon not only appear in the high-end market of lamps and lanterns, some merchants for the low end of the lamps and lanterns is kung fu. The same type of tube light, there are two kinds of material of iron and aluminum alloy die casting, die casting price is the price of iron is nearly twice as high, while the iron is easy to rust. Consumers, if you don't ask, don't it is easy to buy at high price to iron canister light. Some merchants call tin plating chromium stainless steel, some is the synthetic resin as marble, marble and merchants sell original form a complete set of lamps and lanterns is sold separately.

Buy lamps and lanterns of experts to action The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, at present in the household market in general lighting lamps and lanterns of the market sales price is usually at least two times the purchase price, after discount is still profitable. A lighting store, the clerk told reporters "a lot of consumers to bargain, is on the basis of the salesman quotation MaLing head, because the salesman will be emphasized, the quote is the lowest price. But most of the lamps and lanterns after to cut and make." General pricing is on the high side, the industry analysis, lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of transportation is more difficult, the product workmanship requirements detai200W led Flood light , easy to fracture and so on, in addition, the "artistic value is acted the role of pricing is often considered the aesthetic constituents." As a household design is an important part of decorating, lighting lamps and lanterns is now more and more consumer know the importance of identity. Through interaction of the light and shadow, decorate beautification household space, composed of different home color. But in the current market environment, the consumer wants to buy gratified flexibly product is need to have "power".

The expert inside course of study warns customer, lamps and lanterns is different from general consumer products, its delicate and fragile electricity etc, in addition to shop around when buying lamps and lanterns, best buy famous brand product, also need to know some about common sense. Below is experts give three Suggestions of consumers, the heaviest if safety first to buy lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is to use electrical appliances, although itself of the power consumption is not large, but also need special attention to prevent leakage. Should check carefully when buy lamps and lanterns on the mark, especially in the rated power mainly. And plan to install in woodiness material at the surface of the lamps and lanterns, need to choose the lamps and lanterns of play F sign marks. Second, avoid by all means is keen on gaining petty advantages, when buying "cheap no good goods" when all is truth. Especially some special lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, crystal lamps and lanterns of mentioned above, for example, material on the expensive price determines the product could not be very cheap. Showed it is easy to fall into the merchant's trap. In the end, the choice of lamps and lanterns is not only a personal preference of intuitive reflect, also need to according to their actual needs, such as indoor area, decorate a style to configure the environment.