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LLeds to replace incandescent lamp market has huge potential in the future - (AddTime : 2013-04-25)

"Energy-efficient and colored light LiangYan, long service life, easy to use" advantages, as a new generation of light source 200W led Flood light to replace traditional lighting used in stage lighting to the greatest extent in the future created the largest possible. After Beijing Olympic Games, guangzhou Asian games, the opening ceremony of the international event, such as shenzhen universiade incisively and stage lighting effect of the concentration practice again and again, stunned by. In 2012 Spring Festival gala with the 200W led Flood light to complete a large performing arts light show, and 200W led Flood light lighting unique stage charm to the in front of the general public, to an extreme.

According to related practitioners, 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns in colour respect, performance is superior to the traditional light source. At present, in the stage lighting, 200W led Flood light application will use will be red, green, blue three primary colors of 200W led Flood light tube combination, mixture to form white light illumination model. Compared with incandescent light bulbs, 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns, the 200W led Flood light tube is more than twice higher than incandescent lamp, luminous efficiency of light-emitting diodes (200W led floodlights) advantage of the characteristics of its small volume and low temperature, using more efficient light path design, the utilization rate of light flux stage lamps and lanterns is several times higher than incandescent bulbs. So that the same luminous flux, incandescent lamps and lanterns is several times greater than power 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns. So, low power 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns can meet the requirements of stage light intensity needed to.

Optical design is cal200W led Flood light "the 200W led Flood light inside design, focusing cup design for the second design, focusing cup module combination design" for the third time - there have been so. Now more common 200W led Flood light light lamp is use a dedicated focusing cup, 200W led Flood light light-emitting diode instal200W led Flood light all over transparent cup concentrated. But the 200W led Flood light tubes and spotlights cup combination into a module, its flux is not enough, in such a case, the solution is to the same module combination again one by one, let it become a flat 200W led Flood light array. A more than one hundred watts of the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns light, brightness is equivalent to hundreds of watts of tungsten filament incandescent lamps and lanterns. So through a lot of 200W led Flood light , produced meets the needs of stage light, has been able to meet the needs of the application stage, and in line with the energy saving effect. Review stage lighting using light before, are adopted in the white light lamps and lanterns with color filter paper or other color filter method. The disadvantage is that a large number of unwanted light is blocked, injection of the colored light is very weak, and the characteristics of human eyes, the red and purple at the ends of the visible spectrum is particularly sensitive to a large number of human eye is sensitive to the light, locked away, the luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns is lower. For example to prevent color filter heat fade, color filter to through a lot in the spectrum of infrared composition, on the blue color filter through short wave length of blue light at the same time, there are some red light through the long wave band. Therefore, by incandescent bulbs before to add blue color filter method to get the blue light brightness, not only color is not pure, the actual effect is not satisfied. With incandescent lamp through the in front of the lamp with blue color filter get blue light method is different, when the 200W led Flood light need a light, only reduce unwanted spectrum, and the spectra of the colored light. Because 200W led floodlights blu-ray brightness equivalent to a power greater than ten times as much of the brightness of the incandescent lamps and lanterns to add blue color paper. Therefore, 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns light appears in be used actually too pure bright bright, in order to reduce the color saturation, even some plus hair white light 200W led Flood light lamp bead, to produce the color of quietly elegant. 200W led Flood light luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp, the photosynthetic efficiency is higher than ordinary incandescent lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, light efficiency is much higher, therefore, lighting designers, found that the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns to stage to produce the required colour light, can give full play to the strengths of 200W led floodlights.

Since the last century, blue light, white light and high brightness 200W led Flood light gradually emerged, its luminous efficiency enhances unceasingly, tens of thousands of hours of life convenient, quickly switch, dimmer, bright colours, and the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection started playing for the industry attention. Although 200W led Flood light stage lighting in practice, however, showed a clear advantage, but have been unable to gain popularity in the stage, factors from various aspects, including: high prices, variety of single, quality varies, and so on. Even so, as the industry continues to develop, leap breakthrough technology, application of promotion, 200W led Flood light the luminous efficacy is increased, prices are lower. The emergence of a new combined pipe core, also let a single 200W led Flood light tube (module) power continuously improve. Through continued efforts to research and development, trade of new optical design breakthrough, a new lamp development, product single situation is expected to contract further in reverse. The improvement of control software, 200W led Flood light stage lighting use more convenient. These changes gradually, reflect the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns is in stage of broad prospects for application.