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How can the LED lamps and lanterns of mainstream? - (AddTime : 2013-05-09)

Countries around the world have to incandescent lamp has been clear about the elimination or limitation of use such as policy, incandescent light bulbs will gradually withdraw from the history stage; Right now, to vigorously promote energy-saving lamps due to environmental problems also have been criticized. 200W led Flood light lighting will be a main force of the future lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, the consensus in the industry has been basically. But at present, there are still some problems in the promotion of 200W led Flood light . 200W led Flood light how can accepted by users, and truly become the mainstream of lamps and lanterns? The author thinks that, to solve the problems, must find a way can give full play to its advantages of application, this is, the common challenges of 200W led Flood light industry. Innovation design is a way out

200W led Flood light light-emitting diodes, individual power is not big, if you need larger power needs several 200W led floodlights to design power, heat dissipation problems. If this problem cannot be solved effectively, it will affect product life. The 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns need cooling device, as a result of increasing volume, higher costs. At present, the more 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns is refer to the basic elements to design the incandescent and fluorescent lamps, which in addition to the light-emitting tube elements are based on the original lamps and lanterns, the 200W led Flood light lighting advantage fails to give full play to, lead to high cost at the same time. 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns is higher than the price of energy-saving lamp and high pressure sodium lamp several times, the 200W led Flood light in the market because the price is higher but also affect its competitiveness. So, 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns of style structure inherited the basic style of the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, for this application is relatively smooth, but lost the 200W led Flood light 's own characteristics, to short shot opponent of the long, hard to avoid the lack of competitiveness. Therefore, only has the innovation design is a way out, can make the 200W led Flood light in the future. Dc power supply for 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns

China's 200W led Flood light lighting enterprise in 200W led Flood light application should do something. The author thinks that, if you want to create the most can show advantages of 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns, the premise is to provide dc power supply, straight for the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns, reduce driving circuit, using less electronic components, use of space cooling, lamps and lanterns can use less or don't have the radiator. If there is road direct current (dc) system to provide power supply, electronic circuits and components is reduced, both save costs and prolong life. At present, converts alternating current into direct current (dc) takes up about 20% of the cost. Working voltage, as long as it doesn't affect the quality of power supply, won't produce the pressure drop, the design can meet the requirements of lamps and lanterns and power supply. Mainly used in indoor and outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, outdoor is given priority to with street lights. Which is closely related to the construction, the construction is one of the largest market lighting lamps and lanterns. The author suggest, whether can consider for the lighting system in the new building provides the dc low voltage power supply; In road lighting at the same time also will develop dc low voltage power supply system into consideration. Thus reducing the cost, 200W led Flood light lighting the future road will be wider, believe that the mainstream lighting lamps and lanterns is just around the corner. Editor's note straight application of direct current (dc) system for the 200W led Flood light lamps and lanterns, which can reduce the cost of lighting products, is an innovative train of thought. However it also faces many technical problems and management problems, and these are worth further consideration.