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2013 LED industry excess capacity or enterprise heavy electricity plan - (AddTime : 2013-05-17)

In the product prices and under the double pressure of excess supply, China 200W led Flood light lighting industry is facing a new round of shuffling. As a barometer of the 200W led Flood light industry development, the guangzhou international lighting fair, according to data and the exhibition scale continues to expand in contrast, by end of April, 2013, 2013 expo exhibitors amount to more than 2400, 10% less compared to the previous, but choose brand exhibition company area is increased by 15%, according to industry to further improve the degree of brand concentration. "This year will be 200W led Flood light lighting enterprise survival and development of key years." The personage inside course of study points out that, due to the civilian market hasn't opened, previously 200W led Flood light enterprise income depends on government projects, more concentrated in the hands of listed companies, but the government orders to do this, many 200W led Flood light companies start self-built channels to seek breakthrough. Collective drop performance of listed companies last year

Although the industry has a bright prospect, but the recent major 200W led Flood light released 2012 annual report of listed company and performance letters, according to corporate earnings generally downturn last year. Such as in the industrial chain upstream of the 200W led Flood light chip, the extending outside companies, HuaCan photoelectric (300323), ShiLan micro (600460), dried photoelectric (300102), according to bdo, (002005) in 2012 net profit fell by 29.93%, 40.11%, 39.02% and 40.11%, respectively. 200W led Flood light crystal materials provider fu jing technology ($002222) net profit fell by 36.50%; Shigeru the 200W led Flood light power supply enterprise to realize the power ($002660) net profit fell by 11.55%; 200W led Flood light light-emitting materials enterprise constant shares dropped 80.62% (300340)); Rectangular lighting 200W led Flood light encapsulation enterprises (300301), lehman photovoltaic (300162), hon star electric (002449) (300219), the net profit fell by 27.45%, 31.59%, 35.27% and 31.59%, respectively. "Squeeze serious capacity, downstream market has not opened, fierce competition between enterprises." Refond optoelectronics Gong Weibin chairman said that due to the lack of a unified industry standard 200W led Flood light industry barriers to entry is low, and high government subsidy, preferential taxation policy has attracted a lot of money into, and even many enterprises do not have related technology, lead to industry overcapacity problem. Rely on the government project is not for a long time

On 17 February this year, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology and so on six ministries jointly issued "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning, planning and clear requirements domestic 200W led Flood light output close to 450 billion yuan in 2015, in the commercial lighting, industrial lighting and government office, public lighting and other fields, mainly in indoor lighting products such as 200W led Flood light canister light, shoot the light and demonstration application and popularization of the system. "In any commercial lighting, industrial lighting, or government office, public lighting, most of them are government projects, the order is not stable, in the long run, is not a 200W led Flood light lighting enterprise can long-term dependence." Gong Weibin said. And reporters noticed that according to the bidding results published by the science of guangdong province, the winning companies are listed companies, such as attendance on photoelectric in the first quarter and has won many street lamp renovation projects such as guangzhou, qingyuan, hon optoelec also won the bid for zhuhai land renovation project, etc. Small companies get a slice of this action. Guangzhou international lighting fair founder Pan Wenbo analysis, said: "due to street promotion most use EMC (energy management contract) mode, require companies paying money, therefore gains more listed companies." Enterprises expand electricity channel seeks the breakthrough

Industry forecasts, 200W led Flood light industry structural overcapacity will continue in 2013. We have learned, in order to speed up to open the civil market, with strength of 200W led Flood light business from last year began to self-built channels, to sell 200W led Flood light lights to the consumer's hands. Among them, the mode of electricity because of its relatively new, large upfront investment costs are relatively low advantage popular with 200W led Flood light business. Shenzhen Ming science and technology this year on January 4 in official day cat, when monthly sales of 70000 yuan, sales of 90000 yuan a month, then realize their explosive growth in March, 200000 yuan. Department director MeiZhiMin said the company brand, at present the 200W led Flood light market is actually a small niche market, some easier than ordinary consumers to accept higher intellectuals 200W led Flood light lighting products. "To this end, we not only on the day the cat has added a lot of education interactive video in the store, at the same time also strengthened the application of the new media such as weibo, micro letter, people accept the way to promote 200W led Flood light products." Compared to traditional offline channels, electricity channel is more save money, directly on the promotion. "In contrast, the electricity business model not only for most intellectuals to accept high, saves the shop costs, costs, but also from a large number of channel terminal price can be lower." MeiZhiMin said, sufficient flow through online, offline channels to lactation, gradually develops the civilian market.