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Lighting market chaos, which might bring about brand weak price disorderly logo is not complete - (AddTime :2013-05-23)

With the improvement of consumption level, the lamp in decorating a consumption proportion is higher and higher. Beijing household reporter survey found that although after years of development, but now is acted the role of the market is still facing a brand is not famous, inflated price, logo not congruent, the market still need to further standardize, consumption environment needs to be purified. The market

This lamp is what brand? The shop assistant random individual

Reporters visited ten mile river after three lights in the city, found that although there is a name brand the same store and in-store sales lamps and lanterns, but this store a fraction. Many stores are selling multiple brands of products. Relatively bigger brands, the seller will inform directly sold the lamps and lanterns of the brand, and brand has a brief introduction of lamps and lanterns, some stores and brand brochure, but the business is in the minority. Reporter investigation process, have the clerk even home sales product brand is not clear. Lighting market chaos, which might bring about brand weak price disorderly logo is not complete

Lighting market chaos, which might bring about brand weak price disorderly logo is not complete

In Mr ChengXuan shop, the reporter on a lamp, to determine after the shop for Beijing company to ask: "what brand is it?" Salesman paused: "we this lamp is there production in guangdong, as to what brand......" She rummaged for a moment, then back to ask the store another salesman: "manager, we this lights what brand is it?" Another girl replied: "it's made in guangdong." See journalist obsessed with specific brands of lamps and lanterns, she then picked up the store card, pointing to the name, said: "the brand." A reporter then asked: "you are not in Beijing company?" Clerk said vaguely also has a factory in guangdong, then change the subject. In visited more than a dozen stores, only TaiChang lamp act the role ofing, a Hong Kong and Taiwan brand on the part of the lamps and lanterns have brand logo, the other store, journalists have not seen on any lamps and lanterns brand logo. Have brand stores clerk tells a reporter, if you want to burn, had better choose brand marketing. "A lot of stores are dealers, and then take goods sold to various manufacturers in guangdong." The personage inside course of study also revea200W led Flood light that, the same dealer agent many brand is very common, "" hanging from the dealer's brand to sell goods. In the process of investigation, the reporter also learned that some merchants of lamps and lanterns is distributor, also manufacturer. "We also have their own factory in guangdong, your factory is the imitation of some brand, some don't come over, we also agent for the sale." What material? Merchants all by a mouth

In visiting engineering, reporter noticed that almost all the lamps and lanterns hung marks, only label200W led Flood light product model and price, as for the lamp what accessories such as material, the geometric specifications, use specific information, consumers are the introduction of the seller. But the salesman is introduced, also hard to avoid lets consumer fog, light copper, is pure copper, zinc alloy, copper alloy, and other six kinds of material; Crystal is also divided into natural crystal, artificial crystal. Artificial swarovski is subdivided into import crystal, K9 crystal, crystal, Egypt, and even the glass said, In addition, sheepskin, plastic, resin, cast iron, felted wool, etc. All the material of all kinds of lamps and lanterns. Is directly related to material, is the product price, such as swarovski crystal with domestic crystal price is big difference. Reporter in the process of investigation, didn't see any of the details of every lamp lighting stores will sell material, specifications, and other forms of information via text express out.