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External blow warm wind LED lighting from winter to summer - (AddTime :2013-05-25)

"Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly," and before long, the light emitting diode (200W led Flood light ) industry is experiencing a reduction tide, closures, today is a hot market. Sun yat-sen 200W led Flood light lighting quality upgrade strategy conference held in guangdong zhongshan xiaolan town yesterday. "It is busy not over." More on the 200W led Flood light lighting industry chain enterprises, said in an interview with the securities times reporter in the international market since the start of better, now the order situation is optimistic. Point or in the middle

"Spring is sleep unknowingly xiao in January, February, was already xiao-he only expenses furore." High industry research institutions 200W led Flood light President Zhang Xiaofei so described at the beginning of the 200W led Flood light lighting market recovery. In fact, in the middle and lower reaches of 200W led Flood light industry recovery has long been recognised by the capital market. Since this year, A shares 200W led Flood light 200W led Flood light plate. And the logic behind the rose is the listed company performance stabilization. According to statistics, the Shanghai and shenzhen two city 25 200W led Flood light key listed companies, in 2012 total revenue of $48.409 billion, up 9% year on year, and total net income of 3.933 billion yuan, down 18% year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, the 25 companies in total operating revenue is 9.888 billion yuan, up 12% from a year earlier, aggregate net profit of 719 million yuan, down 3% year-on-year. Industry continues to grow, scale profit decline in slow. Specifically, middle encapsulation and downstream application net profit of a firm is better than the upstream chip companies, is mainly due to the upstream chip factor low, enterprises caused by serious overcapacity. China merchants securities, according to a research report chips and FengZhuangChang were in full load condition, 1 ~ 3 months order visibility, significantly better than the normal level, and some even take the initiative to give up the order. "After the industry expected market broke out in 2015, now I think partial conservative, want to advance to 2013." Wood Tomlinson lighting co., LTD. Department of east China regional director juck is optimistic to the 200W led Flood light lighting market development. To this, Zhang Xiaofei also agree. Starting in February this year, he thought, and outbreak signs 200W led Flood light lighting market has obviously expects the two in the third quarter this year is likely to be a full-blown. Middle reaches of the philips Lumi200W led floodlights in industry this year to order continuously, director of Asia market Zhou Xuejun, said the second factory production base in Malaysia penang has started last year, but now the orders are still busy at hand. Referring to the overseas market, Zhou Xuejun said: "high demand, it is very hot."

Lighting market penetration will exceed 10%

In the recovery of the market reason, Zhang Xiaofei analysis thinks, on the one hand, the global market acceptance of 200W led Flood light lighting, export demand rapid growth; Domestic market began to commercial lighting applications, on the other hand, 200W led Flood light lighting products, at the same time, public lighting market continues to push. "Domestic 200W led Flood light lighting markets permeability of more than 10% this year. In 2015, this figure will reach 35%. This data may be too conservative." Zhang Xiaofei said. Zhou Xuejun argues that market penetration that cannot treat as the same, want to see the market segment. At present, the market prospect in the field of public lighting, commercial lighting, 2013 May be more than 10%, the permeability of civilian lighting may be relatively less. "No, it is enough to support the market recovery, public lighting, commercial lighting total about 70% of the total market." Some of the increase in local government tender strength. Recently, science and technology department of guangdong province posted in the first quarter of 2013 the street lamp bidding situation, in the first quarter of this year, guangdong province, the street lights and tunnel lights bidding has reached 76000, has already exceeded the full year 2012, 75000 the total tender light.