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The world's largest development of OLED lighting China development opportunity - (AddTime : 2013-05-27)

At present, European and American developed countries are racing to develop 200W led Flood light lighting, in the last two years of major buildings and lighting show, you can see all kinds of lamps and lanterns of 200W led Flood light display. In its essence, the starting point of development of 200W led Flood light lighting and LED lighting is the same.

First of all, 200W led Flood light lighting energy efficiency is extremely high. Secondly, 200W led Flood light light quality and comfortable, light is visible light, no infrared, ultraviolet light, blue light component is very few, the protection of eyes more effectively. Finally, the 200W led Flood light to be thinner and lighter, the whole device contains more than ten layers of organic thin film, up 1% of the thickness is less than a human hair.

In use, on the principle of 200W led Flood light and the LED is quite similar. But in terms of energy efficiency, 200W led Flood light and other light source is the distinction that having essence. Traditional lamps and lanterns are made of point light source basically line light source, while the light is very bright, but generally in practical application to the light source is installed in the lamp shade, doing this will lose a lot of energy efficiency. The 200W led Flood light itself is a surface light source, natural without chimney. At present, the 200W led Flood light light's energy efficiency is not as good as the LED, but in terms of lamps and lanterns, the potential of 200W led Flood light is one of the biggest. Therefore, we can't define the 200W led Flood light as a light bulb or light source, and should be a kind of new lamps and lanterns.

Opportunities for 200W led Flood light lighting, China is the world's largest. On the one hand, domestic 200W led Flood light technology not only not lag behind, instead of leading the international competition. On the other hand, has a huge potential market in China. At present, due to market conditions, the majority of LED lighting products are substitutes in the form of traditional lamps and lanterns, also take down the traditional light bulb, the LED bulbs in inside. But not 200W led Flood light , it must be a new lamps and lanterns, so the best market is the new building. After ten years, our country building construction area of about 20 billion square meters. As a new choice of lamps and lanterns of new buildings, with the deepening of the concept of energy conservation and emissions reduction, believe 200W led Flood light lighting can survive in the initiation stage.