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Good Background

8 years experience in the LED lighting industry.

Great team

Our professional sales team always offers you fast response and good service. We have a great manufacturing team as well; all of them have been working in our factory for over 3 years.

Prmium quality

We offer an exceptionally long warranty period of 3-5 years depending on the specific product. Our defect rate is under 3%, and we replace the defects immediately and free of charge.

Fast Delivery

Faster shipment by express (DHL / FedEx / UPS) or by Air.

No MOQ, we welcome small orders

We don't set MOQ for you, small orders are acceptable.

Technology Support

We provide high-level coordination and technology support to you, when you are selling in the local market or completing local construction or renovation projects.

News Offer

Provide you timely industry news for reference.