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Applications need to see our favorite stylemakers features in LCD screen choose? - (AddTime - 2013-04-07)

At present, the domestic monitor market still is given priority to with domestic brands, foreign brands in the high-end market occupies a certain market share. Chinese domestic professional monitors not only widely used in civilian monitoring, and in the field of national defense, aerospace, military and other high-end also occupy larger market share. The domestic LCD market diversification. However, on a global scale, large size liquid crystal display market trend became apparent.

The global LCD market: large size trend is obvious

Contract shipments from January decline 25.7% in February, the shipments for 8.31 million units; And the top ten brands shipments for 8.13 million units, 23.4% decline from January shipment. Part 2 month demand has shop goods in 1 month in advance, working days decreased, and the Chinese market demand than expected as the main the cause of the recession. WitsView research assistant manager Wang Jingyi pointed out that the 19 inch model by China's market condition and reduce the supply factory of panel, the influence of 19 inch model ship brands share from past 11 ~ 13% down to 7.5% in February, a 21.5 -inch model from October last year to become the dimensions of the shipment of the highest, reached 22% in February, and more than 20 inch display proportion from 56% during the same period last year, rising to 66% in February this year, the annual growth rate of 10%, according to monitor market continues to development trend of large size. WitsView aiming at China market research in March 19.5 inch LCD monitor found that retail prices, in addition to introduction and acer BenQ to follow up the same sharp price model outside of 650 RMB (18.5 "W in China retail price of about 725 yuan), AOC and ViewSonic has RMB 699 model, shows all the brands in 19.5 inch pricing strategy significantly affected by acer last month launched a cheaper model, have to follow the current trend. Liquid crystal display application market demand diversity

Now monitor products are mainly divided into three categories: CRT, inhibits PTP and LCD. The three categories of a clear market segmentation, price range have a clear division. Market is also very widely used, such as petroleum, chemical industry, public security, finance, schools, transportation, energy, electric power, water conservancy, geology, metallurgy, telecom, medical, military and other fields has been widely used. At present, the splicing screen display area can be divided into three major technology, including DLP, PDP, LCD splicing display technology, among them, and with the LCD splicing wall most development advantage. Now, splicing screen monitor has been very widely used in every industry, from the earliest of radio, film and television, to the city emergency command, public security and traffic police command center, 110 electric power monitoring and control, finance, water conservancy, railway industry such as monitoring, and community, public places, factory production monitoring and so on. At present, large color screen splicing system application trend is very obvious. Video conference room, security monitoring center large screen LCD splicing system are used more and more. Due to the large screen liquid crystal splicing wall, is a big shock for DLP, PDP, technological competition is particularly fierce. Professionals are expected, with the expansion of the demand for high definition monitor, competition will further intensified. But due to their advantages can't replace each other, so they will coexist in the market in a certain period.

Liquid crystal display products selection need to be careful

LCD display to practical: at present, in the commercial display industry, low carbon has become the theme of manufacturers and users strongly advocated, the commercial display market gradually from the earliest CCFL backlight to 200W led Flood light backlight, strive for liquid crystal display can on the power consumption to a minimum. So, how to choose a low carbon environmental protection screen LCD monitor, introduces several Suggestions for you below. Physically, we are all visual animals and presumably when choosing a product is selected, but do not simply the pursuit of fashion and beautiful appearance, and ignore the fuselage design, we should choose shell solid, strong adaptability of the product, is helpful for extending the service life of the product, reduce the upgrading of products. Pay attention to the amount of input terminals: usually a household consumption of the LCD screen held back home, people just connect it to a DVD player, can give full play to its use value. And used as a commercial LCD display range is various, need a lot of media playback device support, then we should choose the input port is rich in liquid crystal displays, reduce equipment configuration and installation of the trouble. Liquid crystal display brand effect: before buying the product must be according to own actual situation, choose to buy suitable products, such as what you want to buy the product is applied to the occasion and its use, size, and a series of details are clear. In case the buying function is various, but does not apply to their products, reduce resource waste. At present the lack of a unified, standardized commercial market standards, resulting in a shanzhai makers emerge in endlessly, the quality of the product is prohibitive. And buy a set of special domestic commercial display price is more expensive, so the user choose a big brand should be paid attention to when choosing products trustworthy manufacturers. Because, the first big brand manufacturers products quality is better than the general manufacturers normally; Second, commercial display products system upgrade faster, while big brands can support system upgrade for free, easy to use; Third, big brands perfect after-sales service system, and cover wide area. Once appear problem, convenient service. Choose to adopt 200W led Flood light back light commercial display products: 200W led Flood light backlit display has three features: environmental protection first, has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving energy, no pollution is environmental protection. Dc drive, ultra-low power electric power conversion is close to 100%, the same lighting effect than the traditional light source, energy saving more than 80%. Second, long service life. Solid cold light source, the epoxy resin encapsulation, no loose parts in the body, there is no filament light easy to burn and thermal deposition, shortcomings and so on light failure, the service life can reach 60000 to 60000 hours, up to 10 times than the traditional light source, long life. Third, better environmental benefits, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat, no radiation, glare small, and waste recycling, no pollution contains no mercury elements, and cold light source, can safely touch, belongs to typical green lighting source. Current low power consumption, long life 200W led Flood light technology has become the pronoun of the whole LCD display market environmental protection features, data show that there are more than half of users said more 200W led Flood light -backlit display.