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LED application field widely, development space is large - (AddTime :2013-03-01)

Recently more and more on the topic of lighting industry, five years later 200W led Flood light replace incandescent lamp topic again and again as the life of people in the central topic. 200W led Flood light by not only long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, low temperature, the seismic resistance of low pollution, and many other advantages, its use range is very wide.

200W led Flood light development speed is very surprising, since the 1960 s was born so far, technological progress is always more than the market expected. LED is undoubtedly a development force is very strong sunrise industry, the rapid growth of the new enterprise, but 200W led Flood light market is saturated state.

China LED industry started in the 1980 s, has gone through the import chip package - import epitaxial wafer packaging - homemade material and device three stages. In the 21st century later, environmental protection and energy saving becomes the market hot spots, the LED industry continues to heat up.

200W led Flood light in addition to become a popular topic outside, application is also used in thousands of families. In addition to long life, low energy consumption, but also a lot of advantages:

1, no longer confined to the unity of color, colorful lights appear in suitable places;
2, application is very agile, can according to size, used in household, office occasions and places of entertainment,
3, follow the trend of The Times, green environmental protection. But less pollution, low radiation;
4, humanized design. According to the size of voice to control, the weather changes to control.

LED application fields widely

LED can be used not only in large advertising display, but also can be used for building and traffic lighting. LED as a city of key construction of illumination, the outline of the outline can strut your stuff, can simulate any color, the light loss and maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Due to the small volume, LED for the production line to lamps and lanterns, LED to finish ground lamp, directions, walks and lane, safe and reliable, durable. In the past, in the city sky, the most enchanting may count neon light, however, because the most easy to damage the neon lights, we often see, neon display pictures and words always lack the arm off the leg. But instead of using LED neon as display sign, no longer appear incomplete regret, and can reach the state with desire.

Organic LED display individual element reaction speed is LCD screen 1000 times, in the light also can look after not by accident, and adapt to forty degrees below the low temperature. It is reported that foreign company is developing a head stolen viewfinder, will ZhiJiaGai size high resolution organic LED display in among them, put on the translucent helmet display, the pilot can easily check all kinds of flight data; Surgery is the surgeon eyes without leaving operating table, you can see the diagnosis of complicated image; Flight mechanics in the overhaul of aircraft, the eyes can see by the corresponding component maintenance manual. The more seductive unceasingly, put on organic LED display made glasses, can also open happy heart watching movies, Angle can reach 160 degrees.