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Reasons Why an LED High Bay Light is great for your Garden

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These days, people give a lot of importance to the beauty of their outhouses and gardens. Your porch, backyard and garden are as much a part of your house as are your living room and bedroom. So, why should you ignore these corners? Besides, they do not deserve to stay neglected and you can beautify them without having to invest a huge sum. Gardens are those much-loved areas where one can sit and relax, repose or reflect, romance and even enjoy a casual evening stroll. It is bliss to feel the evening breeze playing with your hair after twilight. So, it gives you a solid reason to install an LED high bay light there.

But here are some more concrete reasons:

Beautification: LED flood light bulbs are extremely beautiful with all these new-era designs pushing the envelope to the very core when it comes to creativity and ingenuity. So, the garden does look like a well-lit paradise.

Brightness: At the end of the day, you have to illuminate your space. LED bulbs are brighter than conventional bulbs and this is ample reason why to opt for them. Their incandescence is greater and so even if your garden is sprawled out, the light scatters very easily. This is a very strong reason to settle for LED high bay light fixtures as they enable you to direct light to all corners more conveniently. In fact, if your space is extremely large, you are likely to do with, say, 3 LEDs instead of 5 conventional bulbs. So, the average brightness per bulb goes up. This is cost-saving too.

Insect-repelling: The amusing bit is that this technology does not attract too many insects. In ordinary cases, you will always find light worms flying all around the flood light as is often seen during a cricket match played after dusk. An LED high bay light, as compared to any other form of light, is going to attract fewer worms, if any.

Eco-friendly: It has been said again and again but it is vital to reiterate this point. LED bulbs are very eco-friendly. One of the reasons for it is that unlike a conventional bulb, it does not use filament. Instead, there is a diode which lies inside. So, the rays that are emanated are not harmful. Besides, even in cases when the fuse breaks off, no pernicious chemicals are released in the air. Gardens are green zones and it is only legit that the air within it be kept chaste. The phenomenon of pollution caused due to harmful bulbs gets eliminated with LED flood light bulbs.

Cheaper: LED high bay light fixtures are cheaper in the long run. The technology is such that the consumption of power is 25-30% lower. Yes, there is slight difference in quality depending on the brand and the manufacturer, but when you pit it against an orthodox bulb, you will immediately notice the difference in your power bills.

Safety: A dark garden can be insecure and may invite criminals. Plus, you don’t want to step over the tail of a black cat in the dark, now do you? So, it is most advisable to install a flood light and when you are going for one, it is better that you settle for the advanced LED bulbs.

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