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Brief History of LED Lights and Why you Should Buy Them

LED downlight

Some people may be of the opinion that LED lights have no history and that they have been invented recently. But even though their popularity is of recent times, their invention can be dated back to 1963. However, it is unfortunate that the world took time to appreciate its advantages. They suffered neglect during their formative years and it is ironic how direly the planet is now looking up at them to play the savior. Indeed, now that the damage is done, we are installing a led downlight and an outdoor led spot light to undo the harms. The fact that it does not give out dangerous rays and is an energy-saving device is a certain boon for the ravaged earth we are living in. Their fixtures may not be very cheap but their longevity guarantees you your investment’s full worth. Each led bulb can last exceedingly long, which definitely reduces your replacement costs. They are also remarkable when it comes to savings on electric bills.

Looking back at its history, it is a tad surprising that it was once used only for festive purposes. If you can recall the good old days of the 80s and 90s, you may remember how the Christmas tree used to be adorned with these bulbs. It took more than 3 decades after their invention that the technology invaded our drawing rooms. The 21st century ushered in with led downlight bulbs which soon became a part and parcel of our everyday lives. Banking on their durability and efficiency, people started buying them in huge numbers. Word-of-mouth publicity also helped and the growing awareness about environment certainly prompted people to put their money in a 10w led downlight bulb rather than on a conventional yellow one.

The scientists had to club red-colored, blue-colored and green-colored bulbs to create the whitish light which is the major feature of an LED. Initially, it used to be a struggle and the cost of production was huge. The heavy cost was one of the major hurdles for the product to gain mass popularity. It would be sold mostly on festive seasons at retail stores. Now, the cost of manufacture has nosedived and so the selling price has turned affordable. Plus, the bloom of online stores has contributed to the growing popularity and reputation of these non-polluting fixtures.

Buying a 10w led downlight is a child’s play with internet facility available at almost every urban home. One can also choose from a vast range of fixtures which are priced differently and come under different categories. So, you can buy within your means and more purposefully. For instance, if your gardens, roofs and porches need to be brightened up, an outdoor led spot light is what you should opt for. These outdoor lights produce more focused light, give out less heat and save more energy and money. So, there is every reason to buy them. Also, the world is headed the LED way since this technology seems to be the right antidote for the environmental damage done by conventional yellow bulbs.

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